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Tekon's Bath & Glass Kit has everything you need clean your shower doors of stubborn water spots, hard water mineral deposits, restore your shower door to clean and clear and apply a long lasting surface sealant to protect it from future buildup.

Maintain a clean and clear shower door with Repellant Wash.  Spray from about 12" from the surface.  A fine mist of product is all that is needed.  Wipe with a microfiber Tek Towel.  Recommended once a week or as needed depending on how hard your water is and how often you use your shower. 

A squeguee is not needed but if you want to squeguee, we recommend using a neoprene rubber squeguee.

Tekon B protective surface sealant is recommended to be reapplied once every 2 years or as needed.  Once a surface is protected with Tekon B, do not use harsh or abrasive chemicals.  Using Repellant Wash to maintain a Tekon protected surface will continue to provide additional protection and shine.

Tekon B protects glass, metal, porcelain, plastic, fiberglass and painted surfaces.


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